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APChemi proudly joins AFID.

🌍 Exciting News! APChemi is proud to announce its membership in the esteemed Alliance for Industry Decarbonization (AFID).

At APChemi we turn waste plastic, biomass and tyres into value. Our patented and award-winning pyrolysis and pyrolysis oil purification technologies efficiently solve plastic pollution and global warming. As part of APChemi's commitment to a sustainable future, we're eager to contribute to AFID's objectives and collaborate on global decarbonization initiatives.

The objective of the AFID is to facilitate dialogue on the industry level and increase cooperation to help companies develop solid decarbonization strategies and implementation plans, aligned with their countries’ net-zero and decarbonization commitments. The Alliance is to serve as a global platform for enhancing dialogue through the exchange of insights, experiences and best practices.

🔍 Key Highlights:

APChemi will actively participate in AFID's working groups, leveraging our expertise in:

1) Bioenergy with CCUS, focusing on biochar and biofuel production via pyrolysis.

2) Human Capital & Finance, drawing from our experience in developing over 48 small and medium-scale pyrolysis projects in the past 12 years.

Suhas Dixit, CEO of APChemi, will be the focal point for these working groups, ensuring seamless collaboration and exchange of insights.

🤝 We're thrilled about the collaborative opportunities ahead and are dedicated to actively participating in AFID's initiatives.

🔗 Join us:

🔗 Discover AFID's mission:


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