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Our R&D helps our global clients extract value from plastic, tyre and biomass waste. 

Establish a 'Technology Performance Statement for Your Raw Material' at our R&D facility. Our full-fledged R&D infrastructure includes pyrolysis and pyrolysis oil purification pilot plants as well as simulators.


Each source of pyrolysis raw material produces a different quality of pyrolysis oil. 


By processing your raw material at APChemi’s R&D facility, you will gain essential insights for (1) building a financial model, (2) generating samples for securing off-take agreements with potential buyers, (3) measuring emission control costs and (4) developing comprehensive engineering packages for commercial-scale operations.

With over 12 global patents, APChemi stands at the forefront of innovation with its patented technologies that revolutionise the upcycling of end-of-life plastic waste into two primary products: 1) purified pyrolysis oil, and 2) high-quality bitumen. Our technology is not just limited to transforming plastic waste; it also purifies contaminated pyrolysis oil produced by others, turning it into a competitive alternative to crude oil naphtha.

At our R&D we also produce different quality of biochar via biomass pyrolysis for different applications.

APChemi Pyrolysis and pyoil purification R&D pilot.jpg

Chemical Engineering R&D Infrastructure:

  • Pyrolysis pilot plant: 2Kg and 100Kg

  • PyOil Purification Plant: 15Ltr and 100Ltr

  • PyOil Distillation Plant: 4Ltr and 100Ltr 

  • PhD & Masters Chemical Engineers & Research Students

  • Process Simulation Software Lab

Mechanical Engineering R&D Infrastructure:

  • Advanced simulation software for models of complex equipment like pyrolysis reactors, condensers, agitators etc. Our expert mechanical engineers are able to design plants with accurate safety and stress factors.

  • Ability to build new pilot plants in a span of weeks

Mechanical engineering simulation research and development.jpg

Let's build a winning financial model by evaluating Your pyrolysis raw material using Our pyrolysis and PyOil purification plants. Contact us.

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