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Step Ahead of
Conventional Biochar


Advanced Biomass Pyrolysis Technologies

Biomass Pyrolysis to Produce BioChar

Biochar O-ERNF
Biochar with Organic Extended-Release Nitrogen Fertiliser
High Carbon BioCoal for Smelting

Advanced Biochar Carbon Capture Technology

APChemi's Advanced Biochar Technology Flow-Chart

Discover the innovative edge of APChemi's biochar technology, a leap beyond traditional methods. Our unique approach starts with preparing biomass through drying, setting the stage for our specialised pyrolysis process. Here, organic matter is transformed into superior biochar, designed for carbon sequestration lasting over half a century. This method not only produces high-grade biochar but also generates bio-oil. When mixed with specific additives, this bio-oil initiates a chemical transformation, leading to our Organic Extended-Release Nitrogen Fertiliser (BioChar O-ERNF) - a top-tier solution aimed at enhancing soil fertility and boosting crop yields for farmers. Integral to our process is the recovery of waste heat, amplifying the overall energy efficiency of our system.

Biomass to BioCoal for Smelting Applications

  • 85% over High fixed carbon content

  • Low Impurities
  • High Density
  • High Value and High Demand
  • ​​Low sulphur and nitrogen content
  • Decarbonisation of Metal Industry

Your Partners in Biochar Carbon Capture.

USD 1.29 billion biochar market with CAGR of 13.2% 

Our expertise:

  • Technology Performance 

  • Produce Samples at our R&D

  • ​Feasibility Study

  • Engineering & Plant Construction

  • Carbon Finance and  Fundraise

  • Biochar Certification

  • Carbon Credits Sale

  • ​Operation and Maintenance

Engineering 50TPD Biochar Plant-min

We are Developing Our Own 50TPD Biomass to Biochar/BioCoal Plant!

Raw Material Flexibility

You can feed a variety of biomass feedstocks into our robust biomass to biochar pyrolysis plants regardless of density. Our technology improves cost-efficiency by eliminating the need to convert lighter biomass into pallets prior to feeding into the reactor. 


Straw Bales

sugarcane bagasse

Sugarcane Bagasse

Rice husk

Rice Husk

Coconut Waste

Coconut Waste

Forest biomass waste

Forest Waste

napier grass

Napier Grass


Case Study - 50TPD Biomass Pyrolysis Plant Troubleshooting

Overcoming severe operational setbacks of a 3rd-party plant supplier, we swiftly addressed clogging, heat exchange, and emission leakage issues in a stalled biomass pyrolysis plant imported from China. Our tailored solutions revived the plant's functionality, preventing prolonged shutdowns and enhancing energy efficiencies. With our expertise the plant is now poised for seamless operation.

Troubleshooting a pyrolysis plant.jpeg

Case Study - Biomass to Ultra-Clean Fuels


Successfully commissioned a plastic pyrolysis plant to a client near Mumbai, we enabled sustainable  plastic pyrolysis for three years. Subsequently, upon the client's decision to divest from the plastic pyrolysis business, we facilitated the relocation of the plant to Pune, where it was modified to process biomass as well as purify the pyrolysis oil. Over the past four years, the adapted plant has been consistently producing approximately 3,500 liter/day of high-quality diesel and petrol like fuel and biochar, comparable to Euro 6 standards. This extraordinary journey showcases the plant's versatility and resilience, having served its purpose for three years processing plastic waste and an additional four years processing biomass, culminating in a total plant lifespan exceeding seven years, demonstrating its enduring value and adaptability.

Unique Value Propositions:

  • Produce Biochar with Organic Extended-Release Nitrogen Fertiliser (BioChar O-ERNF)

  • Safe and compliant technology

  • Patent Granted for Reactor

  • Extensive waste-heat recovery - better technology LCA (Lifecycle Analysis)

  • Scalable, Modular & Continuous Pyrolysis Technology

  • Adaptable: Mobile and Stationary options

  • Lowered CAPEX and OPEX

  • Versatile feedstock compatibility, from light grasses to wood chips

  • 10-20% enhanced carbon sequestration and soil fertility over traditional biochar

  • Conforms to European Biochar Association Standards

  • Designed for easy maintenance and operation

  • 300-330 Annual Working Days 

Pyrolysis reactor anti-coking technology
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