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Global Leaders in Pyrolysis

47+ Plants & Counting

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Versatile Feedstock Flexibility for Financial Robustness

Agile enough to process Plastic /Tyre/Biomass/Oils in the same Pyrolysis Reactor

High tolerance for PVC and PET

Plastic Waste.png
  • 47 Projects

  • Expertise Spanning 310+ Collective Years

  • 179M kg Processed

  • 1.3M+ Operational Hours

  • 12 Patents


Africa Plant Video: Pyrolysis of Post-Consumer Mixed Plastic Waste

India Plant Video: Pyrolysis of Mixed Multi-Layer Packaging Plastic Waste

 Europe Plant Video: Global Safety and Automation Standards

Key Pyrolysis Technology Features:

  • Awarded Patents

  • Safe, Low-pressure Operation

  • Reactor 

  • TRL9 Reactor technology: Proven & Scalable

  • Efficiently Processes PET/PVC

  • Higher Metal & Stone Tolerance

  • Anti-Coking Innovation

  • 300-330 Annual Working Days

  • Energy Self-Sufficiency

  • Scalable & Modular Design

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Highly Automated and Advanced

Pyrolysis Partnership_edited_edited.jpg
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