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The Leading Pyrolysis & PyOil Purification Solutions

Highly Automated & Advanced Pyrolysis

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Over 47 Pyrolysis Plants Supplied

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Since 2007, APChemi has combined global experience of 310 years in pyrolysis. Our plants have processed 179 million kg of plastic waste over 1.3 million hours of plant operation. We have a growing intellectual property portfolio of 12 patents.

APChemi has end-to-end expertise in producing high-quality liquids from plastic, tyre and biomass waste. We continue to develop technology, engineer projects, manufacture machinery, install, commission and operate plants.

Pyrolysis of Post-Consumer Mixed Plastic Waste

Pyrolysis of Mixed Multi-layer Packaging Plastic Waste

US & EU standards compliant plants

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  • Post-Consumer Plastics

  • Municipal Solid Waste Segregated Plastics

  • Reject of Mechanical Recycling

  • Multi-layer Packaging

  • Mixed PET/PVC contaminated plastics

  • Patent Granted

  • Technology Readiness Level: TRL9

  • Process mixed PET/PVC contaminated plastics

  • High tolerance for metal and stone

  • Anti-coking technology

  • Uptime of 300  to 330 working days a year

  • Energy self-sufficient 

  • Established safety practices

  • Simple, modular, highly scalable

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