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Case Study 1:
Long-term Collaboration

A pyrolysis entrepreneur engaged APChemi in the year 2018 for the supply of a Plastic Pyrolysis Plant and technology with a capacity of 6TPD. APChemi was involved in the initial design, engineering, as well as fabrication and supply of equipment. The plant was installed and commissioned within the schedule promised by APChemi. APChemi commissioned the pyrolysis plant at a capacity of over 8TPD. As of June 2022, the plant is performing well. The Client is able to obtain the design capacity of the plant as well as the quality of end products. APChemi gave their fullest cooperation during the start-up and commissioning stage and trained the Client’s personnel so that the handover of the plant was very smooth. APChemi was also instrumental in selecting the right kind of workforce for the efficient operation of the plant. APChemi always offered their assistance wholeheartedly whenever the Client faced some technical challenges during the plant operation and such issues were resolved very quickly and to the fullest of our satisfaction. Assistance from APChemi was not only limited to technical challenges but also, APChemi helped the Client to raise the necessary funds to put up additional units like distillation and feeding system. APChemi also introduced the Client to synergistic partners in the value chain of ocean-bound plastics.

In a written testimonial to APChemi, the Client said, ‘We will not hesitate to re-engage APChemi whenever we decide to expand our capacity because we find them not only the designers and suppliers of the plant, but also our partners in success.’

Case Study 2: Technology and raw-material due-diligence

Our R&D has tested over 100 mixed plastic samples received from across the world. Using our advanced technologies, We help clients/partners understand the possible quality and % yield of pyrolysis oil, gas and residue. 

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Case Study 3: Pyrolysis of Municipal Solid Waste Segregated Plastic

APChemi supplied pyrolysis technology and plant for pyrolysis of Municipal Solid Waste segregated Mixed Plastic Waste - contaminated with soil, metal, MLP, and non-polyolefins.

Case Study 4: MLP Pyrolysis

APChemi supplied pyrolysis technology and plant to a leading multi-layer packaging producer. After commissioning the plant, We gladly operated the pyrolysis plant for 2 years.

Feedstock composition: Multilayer packaging waste containing PET, PVC, Aluminium and other mixed plastics

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