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Case Studies

Empowering Pyrolysis Entrepreneurs:
Success through Innovation and Collaboration

Automated pyrolysis plant operated from a central control room via a SCADA system

APChemi, a leading provider of plastic pyrolysis technology, has successfully completed a project for a pyrolysis entrepreneur in 2018, delivering a Plastic Pyrolysis Plant and technology with a capacity of 6TPD. APChemi's expert team was responsible for the initial design, engineering, fabrication, and supply of equipment. The plant was installed and commissioned ahead of schedule, with a capacity of over 8TPD. The performance of the plant has been outstanding, with the client achieving its design capacity and end product quality.

APChemi's support did not stop at the commissioning stage, they provided extensive training to the client's personnel, ensuring a smooth handover of the plant. They also played an instrumental role in selecting the right workforce for the efficient operation of the plant. Whenever the client faced technical challenges, APChemi was there to offer their assistance wholeheartedly, resolving the issues quickly to the fullest satisfaction of the client.

APChemi's partnership with the client went beyond providing just technical support, they also helped the client raise the necessary funds to put up additional units like distillation and feeding system. Additionally, APChemi introduced the client to synergistic partners in the value chain of ocean-bound plastics, further adding to the success of the project. The client has given a written testimonial to APChemi, saying, ‘We will not hesitate to re-engage APChemi whenever we decide to expand our capacity because we find them not only the designers and suppliers of the plant, but also our partners in success.’

This case study highlights the impact of APChemi's innovative technology and exceptional customer service, showcasing their ability to provide solutions that not only meet but exceed their client's needs and expectations. It serves as a testament to the company's commitment to helping clients achieve their goals and become successful in their ventures.

Unleashing Sustainable Solutions: Advanced R&D and Collaboration for Waste Transformation

Collage of photos of pyrolysis, oil, raw material and pyrolysis char samples at our research and development facility

Our advanced R&D team has conducted extensive testing on over 100 mixed plastic samples received from around the world, using cutting-edge technologies to help clients and partners understand the potential quality and yield of pyrolysis oil, gas, and residue. Our state-of-the-art R&D facility is equipped with pilot plants and the necessary infrastructure to produce proof-of-concept quantities of products from plastic, biomass, and tire waste.Once the proof of concept is established, our dedicated research and development team works closely with clients and partners to develop successful projects that align with the proof of concept proven at our R&D facility. This approach ensures that our clients and partners have the necessary information and support to make informed decisions and achieve their goals.This case study showcases our ability to provide solutions that are not only innovative but also sustainable. By using advanced technologies and a collaborative approach, we are able to provide our clients and partners with a clear understanding of the potential outcomes of their projects, and assist them in developing successful solutions that align with their goals and objectives. This case study serves as a testament to our commitment to providing our clients and partners with the necessary tools and support to achieve their sustainability goals, while also contributing to the reduction of waste and pollution in the environment.

Harnessing Waste-to-Energy: Municipal Solid Waste Segregated Plastic Transformed by APChemi

Collage of photos of a pyrolysis plant, pyrolysis oil, SCADA screen, and plastic waste

Case Study: APChemi, a leading provider of pyrolysis technology, has successfully completed a project for a client/partner in Africa, providing a pyrolysis plant and technology for the processing of Municipal Solid Waste landfill segregated mixed plastic waste. The feedstock was contaminated with soil, metal, MLP, and non-polyolefins.

APChemi's licensed technology and supplied pyrolysis plant have been producing high-quality pyrolysis oil, which has replaced industrial diesel in nearby industries. This project has had a significant impact on the environment, clearing over 9,000,000 kg of plastic waste since its inception in 2007.

Building on the success of this project, APChemi is now working closely with its client/partner to raise funds, provide technology and engineering support, and scale up the project to five times its current size. This will have a much greater impact on reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable energy solutions in the region.

This case study highlights the positive impact that APChemi's innovative technology can have on the environment and the local economy. It serves as a testament to the company's commitment to providing sustainable solutions for waste management and promoting the use of clean energy.

Revolutionizing Multilayer Packaging Circularity: Advanced Pyrolysis Tackles Complex Waste

Collage of photos of multilayer packaging plastic waste, satellite view of a pyrolysis plant, pyrolysis plant, pyrolysis oil

APChemi, a leader in pyrolysis technology, supplied a cutting-edge pyrolysis plant and technology to a leading producer of multi-layer packaging. After successfully commissioning the plant, APChemi operated it for 2 years, producing industrial diesel, fuel gas, and industrial chemicals. The excess pyrolysis gas produced was even used as a fuel to distil 80,000 litres of water per day in a Multi-Effect Evaporator. The feedstock composition for this project was multilayer packaging waste containing PET, PVC, Aluminium, and other mixed plastics.

During this project, APChemi not only advanced their technology to effectively pyrolyze plastic waste, but they also developed a purification process to meet the feedstock quality requirements of polymer producers. This is a major step forward in the circular economy of hard-to-recycle multi-layer packaging. APChemi is closely working with this packaging company to accelerate circularity and promote sustainable solutions for this challenging waste stream. This case study illustrates APChemi's commitment to sustainability and its ability to provide innovative solutions for some of the most challenging waste streams.

Converting Biomass Waste to Biofuels: Pioneering Pyrolysis for a Greener Future

Photo of a biomass to biochar pyrolysis plant as well as pyrolysis oil distillation and purification plant

APChemi worked closely with a client to develop a cutting-edge biomass pyrolysis project, from the initial concept to successful commissioning and streamlined operations. We provided licensed technology and a state-of-the-art Pyrolysis Plant, capable of producing high-quality Diesel-like and Petrol-like fuels from post-industrial biomass waste. These biofuels have a wide range of applications, including being used as electricity generators and steam boilers for Diesel, and as a private vehicle and industrial fuel for Petrol.

This innovative project utilizes post-industrial biomass waste such as waxes, soap stock, and tallow, and also has the flexibility to use plastic as well as biomass as a feedstock. The success of this project demonstrates our ability to transform waste into sustainable resources and contribute to a cleaner and greener future. It also showcases the benefits of using advanced technology in the field of biofuel production. If you are interested in learning more about this project and how our technology can benefit your business, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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