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Chemical recycling or advanced recycling-min

Chemical Recycling or Advance Recycling involves conversion of Single-Use Plastic Waste into PUROIL™ (Purified Pyrolysis Oil), followed by conversion of PUROIL™ into Circular Plastics and Sustainable Chemicals by a Refinery & Petrochemical Complex. 

Chemical Recycling - a Pyrolysis oil purification problem

Problem: Mixed and Low Quality Plastic Waste

Contaminants in Waste Plastic Such as PVC, PET, PVDC, etc stop Chemical Recycling.

Pyrolysis converts plastic waste into impure oil having corrosives and catalyst poisons. Such contaminated pyrolysis oil creates problems when blended with crude oil naphtha to produce circular plastics. Therefore pyrolysis alone fails to accelerate plastic circularity.

Pyrolysis oil purification solution by APChemi techmology

Solution: APChemi's PUROIL Technology:

Efficiently transforms Mixed Plastic Waste or Contaminated Pyrolysis Oil into high-value PUROIL™ as a quality feedstock for polymer production.

APChemi's technology decisively transforms end-of-life plastic waste or contaminated pyrolysis oil into PUROIL™, serving as the essential raw material for manufacturing in-demand food-grade circular plastics. 

APChemi’s PUROIL™ technology for Pyrolysis Oil Purification,  removes more impurities at lower cost and lower carbon footprint compared to distillation, adsorbents and catalysts.

Chemical Recycling by pyrolysis oil purification

To enable use of low quality plastic waste into chemical recycling value chain; APChemi’s PUROIL™ technology for Pyrolysis Oil Purification, has High Pyrolysis Oil Purification Efficiency for the removal of critical impurities like organic, chloride, organic oxygen etc.

Chemical Recycling technology comparison

To chemically recycle low quality single use plastic waste, Contact APChemi!

Pyrolysis Oil Distillation Plant
This photo shows different test tubes of pyrolysis oil and indicates the improvement in oil, quality and colour before and after use of our pyrolysis oil purification technology technology.
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