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Advanced Recycling: APChemi Launches PUREMAX™ Pyrolysis Oil Purification Plant, Revolutionizing Plastic Recycling

MUMBAI, India – With a vision to upcycle single use plastic waste, APChemi is excited to announce the launch of its PUREMAX™ Pyrolysis Oil Purification Plant.

"The launch of our PUREMAX™ Pyrolysis Oil Purification Plant is a key milestone in our journey towards sustainable plastic recycling," said APChemi's CEO, Mr Suhas Dixit.

This plant will operate with patented and TRL9 pyrolysis oil purification technology. This groundbreaking facility will produce 1.5 to 6 Kilo Tonnes per Annum (KTA) of high-quality purified pyrolysis oil, PUROIL™, setting a new standard for environmental sustainability and advancing the plastic circular economy. The PUREMAX™ technology enables the conversion of contaminated or mixed plastic waste into PUROIL™, a top-tier purified pyrolysis oil. APChemi's patented PUREMAX™ technology removes impurities including corrosives and catalyst poisons like halogens and oxygen, which have previously limited the oil's use in creating circular plastics. APChemi will to scale-up the PUROIL™ production capacity 3 to 5 times by end of 2025. PUROIL™ blends seamlessly with crude oil and naphtha for production of circular plastics using existing refinery and petrochemical assets including cracker, FCC, steam cracker,  and coker. This advancement is crucial for producing high-demand, food-grade circular plastics, propelling us toward a sustainable, circular economy.

"Our patented PUREMAX™ technology has two key advantages: Firstly, it enhances pyrolysis oil quality. Secondly, the technology significantly reduces use of chemicals in pyrolysis oil purification. PUREMAX™ lowers the cost and the carbon footprint of plastic circularity. PUROIL produced from this project will upcycle plastic waste, and we look forward to licensing our technology worldwide," added Mr Dixit.

In addition to upgrading pyrolysis oil produced form plastic waste, APChemi's PUREMAX™ technology also upgrades the pyrolysis oil produced form via tyre and biomass pyrolysis to match the quality requirements.


APChemi stands as a leader in the field of chemical recycling technology, specialising in pyrolysis and pyrolysis oil purification. Our mission is to transform waste plastic, biomass, and tyres into valuable resources. We achieve this through our patented and award-winning technologies, driven by a commitment to innovation and sustainability. Our efforts are focused on leading the movement towards a greener future in plastic recycling, aiming to efficiently address plastic pollution and global warming. By minimising environmental impact and maximising resource efficiency, APChemi is dedicated to advancing the circular economy with our cutting-edge PUREMAX™ technology.


For more information, contact APChemi's Project Development and Technology Licensing Team on


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