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Pyrolysis Oil Purification Technology

Transform contaminated pyrolysis oil into circular naphtha-like feedstock

Pyrolysis Oil Quality (1).png

The Pyrolysis Oil Quality Promblem:

  • Contaminants in pyrolysis oil hinder pyrolysis-based advanced recycling of plastic waste

  • Traditional purification methods fall short

Plastic Pyrolysis Chemical Recycling Problem Statement.png

Pyrolysis Oil Decontamination Technology:

  • Transform contaminated pyrolysis oil into ultra-pure pyrolysis oil

  • Reduce emissions, crude oil dependence and purification costs

  • Energy-efficient & Patented Tech

Pyrolysis Oil Purification, Distillation & Decontamination from Chlorine, Oxygen, Silica.p

Breakthrough pyrolysis oil quality barriers. 

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Pyrolysis Oil Distillation Plant
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