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A Critical Global Issue:

Contaminants in Waste Plastic Such as PVC, PET, and PVDC Hinder Plastic Recyclability.

Pyrolysis converts plastic waste into impure oil having corrosives and catalyst poisons. Such contaminated pyrolysis oil creates problems when blended with crude oil naphtha to produce circular plastics. Therefore pyrolysis alone fails to accelerate plastic circularity.

Pyrolysis oil purification solution by APChemi techmology

Solution - Game-changer APChemi technology:

Efficiently transforms Mixed Plastic Waste or Contaminated Pyrolysis Oil into high-value PUROIL™, which is a premium Purified Pyrolysis Oil.

APChemi's technology decisively transforms end-of-life plastic waste or contaminated pyrolysis oil into PUROIL™, serving as the essential raw material for manufacturing in-demand food-grade circular plastics. 

APChemi's Pyrolysis Oil Purification Technology outperforms competing methods. It effectively eliminates a greater number of impurities and does so more cost-efficiently, boasting lower capital and operational expenses. Additionally, it has a reduced carbon footprint when compared to traditional purification techniques like distillation, absorption, and hydrotreating used for treating contaminated pyrolysis oil.

APChemi’s Pyrolysis Oil Purification Technology has High Pyrolysis Oil Purification Efficiency for the removal of critical impurities like organic, chloride, organic oxygen etc. APChemi’s pyrolysis oil purification technology enables the use of PET, PVC and PVDC containing multi-layer packaging plastic waste as a feedstock for pyrolysis.

Overcome plastic waste quality and pyrolysis oil quality barriers using APChemi's Game-Changer
Pyrolysis Oil Purification Technology 

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Pyrolysis Oil Distillation Plant
This photo shows different test tubes of pyrolysis oil and indicates the improvement in oil, quality and colour before and after use of our pyrolysis oil purification technology technology.
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