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The Pyrolysis Game-Changer: Suhas Dixit Talks on Plastic Tax & Circular Economy

Proud to share the insights of our CEO, Mr Suhas Dixit on the pivotal role of the Pyrolysis industry and the impact of the Plastic Tax, as shared in his recent interview with a leading tire industry publication, Tyre Trends.

At APChemi, after developing 47 pyrolysis plants globally, we believe in leveraging tire pyrolysis for the sustainable recycling of end-of-life tires. However, our industry's growth needs legislative backing - strict implementation of the Plastic Tax and EPR in markets like India can be transformational.

We emphasize upholding environmental and safety norms, debunking the 'dirty business' tag attached to pyrolysis, and focusing on supporting a CircularEconomy. We are keen on strategic collaborations, we stand for sustainability and responsible recycling.

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