Our mission is to accelerate plastic circularity and carbon transition through our game-changer PUREMAX™ technology. We are committed to reducing landfilling of post-consumer plastic waste by 500,000,000kg/year by 2025.

Unlocking plastic circularity through Game-changer PUREMAX™ Technology

Agile Process Chemicals

  • We are leaders in pyrolysis - commissioned 30+ pyrolysis plants since 2007

  • Pyrolysis and oil purification technology patent granted. 

  • We offer Patented  PUREMAX  Technology to remove organic contaminants of Cl, O, S, N from pyrolysis oil.

  • Our product,  PURIL™  is produced from post-consumer mixed plastic waste and biomass waste.  PURIL™  is the best feedstock for the production of retail-blended biofuels, circular polymers and sustainable chemicals. 

  • We offer CARB♽N-TRANSITI♽N™ SOLUTIONS and  PYRMAX™  pyrolysis technology.



We offer high quality pyrolysis oil - PUR♽IL™ produced from worst quality post consumer plastic waste contaminated with PET/ PVC/ PUR/ Rubber/ Nylon/ Teflon /etc.

PUR♽IL™ is feedstock for production of circular plastics, sustainable biofuels and retail blended biofuels.

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Technology Performance

After purification of pyrolysis oil using PUREMAX™ technology, 

CHLORIDE (Cl) content reduced from 2900ppm to <41ppm

SULPHUR (S) content reduced from 200ppm to <41ppm

TOTAL ACID NUMBER reduced from 14.4mg/gm to 0.05mg/gm



Produce  PURIL™  from mixed post-consumer plastic waste from landfills.


PUREMAX™ technology drastically reduces CAPEX and OPEX of oil purification by eliminating the need of Adsorbents, Catalysts and Hydrotreating, by up to 100%.


Cost-effectively produces Purified Pyrolysis Oil -  PURIL™  - for downstream production of Retail Blended Biofuels, Circular Plastics and Sustainable Chemicals.



APChemi offers solutions for accelerating sustainable CARBN-TRANSITIN™ of:

  • FMCGs and Brand Owners

  • Petrochemical Industry

  • Packaging Industry

  • Heavy Industry

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PYROMAX™ Pyrolysis Technology

  • Patent Granted

  • TRL9 for 10TPD, TRL8 for 50TPD

  • Can process mixed PET/PVC contaminated plastics

  • High tolerance for contaminants like metal and stone

  • Anti-coking technology
    300  to 330 working days a year

  • Process multilayer packaging and mixed plastic waste

  • Energy self-sufficient

  • No catalyst needed for plastic waste pyrolysis

  • Safe, low-pressure reaction

  • Simple, modular, highly scalable

Produce Euro-6 like Biofuels

APChemi offers commercially proven end-to-end solutions for the production of 2nd generation biofuels Euro-6 like grade Petrol and Diesel from Biomass and Plastic Waste.


End-to-end Solution


We offer the following solutions for Plastic and Biomass Pyrolysis:

  1. Basic Engineering

  2. Detailed Engineering

  3. Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management

  4. PYROMAX™ plastic, tyre and biomass pyrolysis technology

  5. PUREMAX™ Pyrolysis Oil Production Technology - to produce  PURIL™ 

  6. APChemi's  CARBN-TRANSITIN™  Solutions

  7. Distillation Technology

  8. Equipment Fabrication

  9. Installation and Commissioning

  10. Plant Operation and Maintenance

  11. Complete process plants

  12. Reactors and proprietary equipment


Pilot & Scale Up

We will be glad to help you estimate the quality and quantity of end products, produced using your plastic/biomass waste materials and APChemi technology. We have full-fledged research and development facility including the following pilot plants:

  1. Plastic and biomass pyrolysis

  2. Pyrolysis oil distillaiton

  3. Biomass pyrolysis 

  4. Plastic and biomass pyrolysis oil purification

  5. PET and Multi-Layer Packaging Pyrolysis 

The data generated during the pilot plant trials is valuable for scaleup and plant engineering.

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