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to recycle 5,000,000,000 kg/yr of plastic waste by 2028 via game-changer solutions & global collaborations. 

Agile Process Chemicals

APChemi's contribution towards plastic pyrolysis and de-carbonisation has been recognised by KMPG, Institute of Chemical Technology, and Indian Institute of Technology among others.

Pyrolysis & Pyrolysis Oil Purification SOLUTIONS

Unlocking plastic circularity through Game-changer PUREMAX™ Technology

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Technology Performance

After purification of pyrolysis oil using PUREMAX™ technology, 

CHLORIDE (Cl) content reduced from 2900ppm to <41ppm

SULPHUR (S) content reduced from 200ppm to <41ppm

TOTAL ACID NUMBER reduced from 14.4mg/gm to 0.05mg/gm



Produce  PUROIL™  from mixed post-consumer plastic waste from landfills.


PUREMAX™ technology drastically reduces CAPEX and OPEX of oil purification by eliminating the need of Adsorbents, Catalysts and Hydrotreating, by up to 100%.


Cost-effectively produces Purified Pyrolysis Oil -  PUROIL™  - for downstream production of Retail Blended Biofuels, Circular Plastics and Sustainable Chemicals.

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PUROIL™ is purified/premium pyrolysis oil - produced from plastic/biomass/tyre. PURIOL™ is a feedstock for the downstream production of circular Naphtha/crude, circular plastics, sustainable chemicals as well as fuels/biofuels.

PYROMAX™ Pyrolysis Technology

Commercially proven technologies for sustainable pyrolysis of Plastic, Biomass and Tyre

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  • We are leaders in pyrolysis - supplied 47 pyrolysis plants since 2007

  • We offer Patented  PUREMAX  Technology to remove pyrolysis oil impurities

  • Our product,  PUROIL™  is produced from post-consumer mixed plastic waste and biomass waste.  PUROIL™  is the best feedstock for the production of retail-blended biofuels, circular polymers and sustainable chemicals. 


Research & Development

We will be glad to help you estimate the quality and quantity of end products, produced using your plastic/biomass waste materials and APChemi technology. We have full-fledged research and development facility including the following pilot plants:

  1. Plastic and biomass pyrolysis

  2. Pyrolysis oil distillaiton

  3. Biomass pyrolysis 

  4. Plastic and biomass pyrolysis oil purification

  5. PET and Multi-Layer Packaging Pyrolysis 

The data generated during the pilot plant trials is valuable for scaleup and plant engineering.

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Engineering Management

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