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European Council & European Parliament Mandate Packaging Circularity!

On 4 March 2024; EU Council and European Parliament have struck a ground-breaking deal to enhance packaging sustainability and slash packaging waste across the EU.

This monumental agreement is set to reshape the chemical recycling landscape and propel us towards a more circular economy. Here are the 5 take-aways from this agreement:


  1. Ambitious Recycling Targets: By 2030/2040, recycled content in plastic packaging will soar to 30-65%. This bold move not only fosters market growth for recycled materials but also boosts chemical recycling technologies.

  2. Waste Reduction Wins: The deal introduces stringent measures to cut down packaging waste, including a max 50% empty space rule.

  3. Re-use and Refill Revolution: With mandatory re-use targets for 2030 and goals for 2040, we're transitioning to a world where packaging is designed to last.

  4. Boosting Collection via DRS: The implementation of Deposit Return Systems (DRS) by 2029 ensures a 90% collection rate for single-use bottles and cans, enhancing the quality of recyclable materials and providing a steady stream for chemical recycling.

  5. Innovation Through Restrictions: New limits on certain single-use plastics will drive the demand for sustainable alternatives and advanced recycling solutions, spurring innovation and compliance with future-forward regulations.


🔦  Spotlight on Food/Pharma: The deal sets pioneering circularity targets for non-PET food/pharma packaging, demanding a leap from 10% recycled content by 2030 to 50% by 2040. This isn't just about recycling; it's about revolutionizing advanced recycling technologies and embedding circularity at the heart of the industry.

With plastic packaging market size reaching €370 billion in the EU alone, these initiatives are not just transformative; they're essential for sustainability and economic growth. Embrace this change and lead the way to a sustainable advanced recycling - Contact APChemi!

Detailed Document:

EUR-Lex - 52022PC0677 - EN - EUR-Lex
Download PDF • 4.33MB


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