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Shell’s third cohort of 13 startups in India graduated this month. APChemi is the only pyrolysis startup supported by Shell E4 program.

APChemi has end-to-end expertise in producing high quality liquids from post consumer plastic waste. Starting from plastic segregation, shredding, washing, drying, pyrolysis as well as oil purification. APChemi continues to develop technology, engineer projects, manufacture machinery, install, commission and operate plants.

Suhas Dixit’s Mumbai-based APChemi builds reactors that convert waste plastic into an oil that can be used as industrial furnace oil, or to make new plastic. Dixit has seven patents, including for reactor design and for the process that ensures plastic does not burn when it is fed into the reactor. Since 2007, he has commissioned 30 reactors, mostly in India, but also in Europe and Africa.


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