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APChemi's CEO, Suhas Dixit at ET Now

Imagine if plastic waste is upcycled to substitute crude oil for the production of polymers. A 12-year startup supported by Shell is doing just this. It's called APChemi. And, It's a double win: save the planet by reusing plastic, and secondly, it can help cut down dependency on crude. With crude on the boil and its price appreciating to over $100/bbl, Team #StartUpCentral decided to put the spotlight on those startups that are finding alternatives for crude oil. Meet APChemi founder Suhas Dixit in this episode of #StartUpCentral. Here’s his interview with ET Now’s Nayantara Rai. ET Now is leading business news channel. Gratitude to ET Now for recognising APChemi's efforts in domain of plastic recycling.

APChemi converts plastic, biomass and tyre waste high quality fuels and chemicals to help reduce dependance on expensive crude oil.

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