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APChemi Discusses Advancements in Circular Carbon Economy at the Mission Innovation Think Tank Webinar

January 31, 2024. APChemi, a leader in chemical recycling technology, proudly participated in the recent Mission Innovation Think Tank Webinar on "The Circular Carbon Economy – From Concept to Realisation," co-convened by Mission Innovation and the King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KAPSARC).

Mr Suhas Dixit, CEO of APChemi, delivered a compelling presentation on "Circular Carbon Economy - Technology Level Discussion on Biochar & Advanced Recycling." His insights shed light on the transformative potential of pyrolysis technology in processing non-recyclable plastic, tyre, and biomass waste to accelerate circularity. With a track record of developing 47 pyrolysis plants since 2007 and transforming 179 million kg of plastic and biomass waste, APChemi's contribution to reducing carbon emissions via biochar and advancing plastic circularity is unparalleled. The company's efforts have not only led to the creation of over 3,000 jobs globally but have also been supported by significant partnerships, including a joint venture with Shell Petrochemicals that raised $2.4M for green hydrogen projects.

The webinar, aimed at bridging the gap between concept and realization of the Circular Carbon Economy (CCE), featured discussions on theoretical, policy, economic, and technological levels. APChemi's presentation, focusing on the technology level, underscored the critical role of advanced recycling technologies in achieving a circular carbon economy. By showcasing their proprietary technology, which significantly reduces emissions by 20-75% through the production of circular PUROIL™ and bitumen, APChemi demonstrated a viable path towards reducing reliance on crude oil and mitigating plastic waste's environmental impact.

This collaborative effort at the Mission Innovation and KAPSARC convened webinar exemplifies APChemi's commitment to fostering cross-value chain collaborations necessary for accelerating decarbonisation and enhancing plastic circularity. The event's agenda and concept note further emphasized the importance of such collaborative platforms in advancing the CCE, highlighting the need for innovative technologies, supportive policies, and economic frameworks to transition from theory to practice.

Download the presentation:

APChemi - CCE
Download PDF • 3.23MB

APChemi invites individuals and organizations interested in contributing to a sustainable future to join us in this endeavor. Our participation in the Mission Innovation Think Tank Webinar is a testament to our dedication to innovation, collaboration, and environmental stewardship.

For more information on APChemi's technologies and partnership opportunities, please contact us at


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