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Robust R&D

APChemi has government recognised R&D facility for 'pyrolysis & purification of PyOil derived from - plastic waste, biomass, tyres, post-agricultural empty Pesticides Plastic Packaging waste, etc'.


Our R&D has tested 100s of plastic samples received from across the world. We have the largest databank of pyrolysis and pyoil purification experiments.

APChemi's R&D Resources:



  • Pyrolysis pilot plant: 2kg and 100Kg

  • PyOil Purification Plant: 15Ltr

  • PyOil Distillation Plant: 4Ltr and 100Ltr 

  • PhD & Masters Chemical Engineers & Research Students

  • Process Simulation Software Lab

APChemi Pyrolysis and pyoil purification R&D pilot.jpg
Mechanical engineering simulation research and development.jpg



  • Advanced simulation software for models of complex equipment like pyrolysis reactors, condensers, agitators etc. Our expert mechanical engineers are able to design plants with accurate safety and stress factors.

  • Ability to build new pilot plants in a span of weeks

Growing Portfolio of 12 Patents in Pyrolysis + PyOil Purification. 1 Granted patent in India & filed in the USA, Canada, UK, EU, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. 6 patents under examination, 3 in drafting, 2 at provisional stage.


To ask our R&D's help to solve any challenge,

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