PYROMAX™ Pyrolysis Technology

Leaders in pyrolysis technology with 47 Plastic to Oil and Biomass to Oil plants supplied to date.

  • Patent Granted

  • Technology Readiness Level: TRL9 for 10TPD, TRL8 for 50TPD

  • Can process mixed PET/PVC contaminated plastics

  • High tolerance for contaminants like metal and stone

  • Anti-coking technology

  • Uptime of 300  to 330 working days a year

  • Process multilayer packaging and mixed plastic waste

  • Energy self-sufficient

  • Technologies to help with higher PyOil quality even without the use of a catalyst 

  • Established safety practices

  • Simple, modular, highly scalable

Pyrolysis vs Incineration vs mechanical recycling.jpeg

​Carbon emissions are reduced by 50% when non-recyclable plastic waste is sent to PYROMAX™ technology rather than incineration.

PYROMAX™ technology CO2 emissions are similar to mechanical recycling.

Plastic Pyrolysis

  • Post-Consumer Plastics

  • Municipal Solid Waste Segregated Plastics

  • Reject of Mechanical Recycling

  • Multi-layer Packaging

  • Mixed PET/PVC contaminated plastics

Plastic Waste.png
biomass waste.png

Biomass Pyrolysis

  • Post Industrial Biomass Waste

  • Post-agricultural biomass waste