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EU Investor Exposure to Plastics Policies: Resins, Risks and Pollution

Planet Tracker hosted the discussion with a panel of experts on EU Investor Exposure to Plastics Policies: Resins, Risks and Pollution.

Looking to understand the connection between biodiversity collapse, plastics pollution and new technology opportunities? Watch our webinar to hear a panel of experts discuss current research into EU resins, plastics packaging and the investors financing the industry.


Gabriel Thoumi, CFA FRM, Head of Plastics Programme, Planet Tracker


  1. Suhas Dixit is the CEO of APChemi, a chemist as well as a 1st generation Entrepreneur. he founded APChemi in 2007 with a vision to recycle plastics transparently. APChemi offers commercially proven technology and plants, to chemically recycle toughest and dirtiest plastic waste, into sustainable fuels, chemicals and plastics. Having commissioned over 30 plants to date makes APChemi global leaders in pyrolysis. APChemi have published four patents in pyrolysis, and APChemi is also supported by acceleration programs of Royal Dutch Shell and Alliance to End Plastic Waste.

  2. David Clark is Vice President, Sustainability, for Amcor Ltd. and leads Amcor’s global sustainability agenda. He works closely with the global packaging company’s R & D and innovation functions to integrate more sustainable design and social responsibility into Amcor’s product development and innovation processes. He is active in Amcor’s global sustainability partnerships with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Ocean Conservancy, and others. He leads the company’s programme to achieve its Global Commitment to develop all of its packaging to be recyclable or reusable by 2025, to increase the use of recycled content and collaborate to drive up rates of recycling around the world. David is chair of the Plastic Recycling Corporation of California, serves on the board of The Recycling Partnership and is an Aspen Institute First Movers Fellow. David holds a B.S., Physics, from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

  3. Luann Farrell is a Managing Consultant for NexantECA, a global consultancy and leading advisor for the energy, refining, and chemicals industries. She has over 30 years of consulting and industry experience. Luann has recently co-authored multiple studies related to the chemical recycling of plastic waste, covering technology evaluation, economic evaluation, and strategic issues, including how these technologies will contribute to the circular economy. Luann also has responsibility for NexantECA’s polyolefins technology reports as well as strong involvement in the analysis of the olefins and polyolefins markets. She has participated in several global studies involving commercial and market analysis, technology evaluation, and strategic planning for several petrochemicals and renewables. Before joining NexantECA, Luann worked for Praxair in applications research and development. She holds an MS in Chemical Engineering Practice from MIT and a BE in Chemical Engineering from Manhattan College.

  4. Owen Reynolds is a venture capital investor at Luxembourg-based Expon Capital, an early stage investor relying on the UN Sustainable Development Framework. He is a former energy economist, ecological entrepreneur and LatAm Peace Corps Volunteer. Originally from the US, Owen has a long standing passion for the circular economy and sustainable practices. He has an MS from Northeastern University and an MBA from the University of Chicago.



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