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APChemi Revolutionises Chemical Recycling with Groundbreaking PET Pyrolysis Technology

[Navi Mumbai, 20-08-2021] - APChemi, a leading name in the pyrolysis industry with an unmatched track record of 47 successful projects, is proud to announce that it has been granted a pioneering patent for its innovative technology in processing PET-containing plastic waste. With this revolutionary development, APChemi further cements its position as a pioneer in chemical recycling and decarbonisation through pyrolysis.

The patent, granted by the Government of India's Patent Office (Patent No. 374847, Application No. 201921023312), is titled "An Improved Clog-free Condensation System for Pyrolysis Vapour of PET Containing Polymer." It addresses the longstanding issue of processing PET-contaminated plastic waste, which often leads to landfilling or incineration due to clogging of pipelines and condensers in pyrolysis plants. This groundbreaking invention will enable the use of mixed plastic waste contaminated with PET, significantly reducing plastic waste pollution.

The patented technology also helps in the production of purified pyrolysis oil by eliminating oxygen-containing impurities, which are byproducts of PET pyrolysis. This is the first patent to be granted for APChemi, which boasts a remarkable experience in pyrolysing over 179 million kg of plastic and more than 1.3 million hours of plant operation. APChemi is committed to addressing global plastic waste issues and transforming the chemical recycling landscape through cutting-edge technology.


For media inquiries, please contact: APChemi Business Development Team Email: M/WA: +918828888199


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