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At APChemi, we're transforming plastic and biomass waste using global collaborations to leverage our patented technologies. We're not just talking about advanced recycling and biofuels; we're reshaping the entire story around plastic circularity and decarbonisation. Together, with our global partners, we're united in our fight against plastic pollution and global warming. Join us in creating a circular and greener future.

- Suhas Dixit, CEO, APChemi

Suhas Dixit Photo.jpeg

Award-Winning Organisation 

Accelerating Plastic Circularity & Decarbonisation


Plastic Waste to Hydrogen Project Launch at G20's International Clean Energy Ministerial event by Honourable Dr Jitendra Singh, Minister of Science and Technology and Honourable Dr Mrs Anita Gupta, Head of the Climate Change & Clean Energy Division.

FICCI's Circular Technology Disrupter Award

KPMG’s Enrich Award for Ready to Scale Startup

ACT Clear Air India Challenge Award 


Sacyr Foundation Innovation Award 

Several recognitions by Plast India Foundation, IIT, ICT, SFPC, CEIL, and more. 

Exceptional Team Driving Success

Suhas Dixit, Founder & CEO

  • 15yrs experience of developing over 47 pyrolysis plants

  • Training & Skills: Chemistry, Chemical Engg, Marketing, and Contract Management.

  • 12 Patents - 4 Granted 

  • Expert and Keynote Speaker in Pyrolysis, PyOil Purification, Advanced Recycling


Aruna C N, COO

  • 15 years of experience in operations including 10 years in Tesco UK 

  • Training & Skills: Operations, Finance, International Logistics

Sanam K.png

Sanam Katoch, Manager Projects

  • Experienced in developing over 50 pyrolysis projects 

  • Training & Skills: Projects, Operations in Plastic, Tyre and Biomass Pyrolysis

Dr M G Kulkarni, IP & Licensing Advisor

  • 42 years of experience in Intellectual Property and Research

  • Ex senior scientist  

  • Training & Skills: Chemistry, Intellectual Property, Technology Licensing

APChemi Team-min.png

APChemi's team also includes:

  • Research and development scientists and PhD Chemical Engineer Researchers

  • Chemical Engineers

  • Mechanical Design and Simulation Engineers

  • Electrical & Automation Engineers

  • Installation and Commissioning Engineers

  • Chemical Plant Operations Engineers

Supporting Ecosystems, MOUs & Collaborations

Driving APChemi's Growth Globally

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