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Since 2007, APChemi has combined global experience of 310 years in pyrolysis. Our plants have processed 179 million kg of plastic waste over 1.3 million hours of plant operation. 

APChemi has end-to-end expertise in producing high-quality liquids from plastic, tyre and biomass waste. We continue to develop technology, engineer projects, manufacture machinery, install, commission and operate plants.

Accelerate Plastic Circularity

End-to-end technologies for sustainable pyrolysis


Raw Material Pre-Processing

We understand that Pyrolysis alone can not produce the maximum possible value from waste plastic, biomass or tyre.


APChemi offers sustainable technologies for:

(1) Raw material pre-processing

(2) Pyrolysis via PYROMAX technology as well as

(3) Pyrolysis oil Purification via PUREMAX technology.

Feedstock & Technology Due Diligence

You can estimate the quality and yield of end products, possible from your plastic/biomass materials and APChemi's technologies. Our R&D facility has pilot plants for pyrolysis, distillation and pyrolysis oil purification. 


Engineering Procurement Construction Management (EPCM), Project Management (PM) and Operations Solutions:

1) Advisory & Consultation 

  • Planning and approach

  • Plastic, Biomass and Tyre Pyrolysis

  • Pyrolysis oil purification

  • Cost estimation and budgeting

  • Risk management and compliance

  • Get industry insights

  • Technology advisory and troubleshooting

  • Understand viability and feasibility

2) Pre-feasibility Study

  • Raw material Due-Diligence to estimate the quantity and quality of end products producible

  • Opportunity approach paper

  • Basic Engineering Package

  • Basic Regulatory Review 

  • Technology selection

  • Design basis and design criteria

3) Front End 
Engineering Design

  • Basic Design Package

  • Technical & financial assessments 

  • Regulatory review 

  • P&ID, PFD, Layouts, etc.

  • Environmental impact assessments 

  • Safety studies

  • Detailed Project Report (DPR)

4) Detailed Engineering & Procurement 

  • Process engineering

  • Mechanical engineering

  • EC&I engineering

  • 2D & 3D design

  • Project management

  • HAZOP Studies

  • Detailed design

5) Plant Construction & Commissioning

  • Equipment Fabrication
Procurement & supply

  • Construction supervision

  • Installation

  • Commissioning

6) Production phase

  • Process optimisation
    Ongoing Support 

  • Plant operation & maintenance

  • Process troubleshooting & optimisation

  • Client’s / owner’s engineers

  • Site waste management plans

  • Involving expert witness during key assessments

“The best-defined projects had facilities costs that averaged about 15% less than the industry while poorly defined projects cost 15% more. This is a swing of 30%, which, given the size of most companies spending on facilities, is a huge amount of annual cost.”  

- Offshore Magazine, 2003


The cost expenditure for the planning phase is very low compared to the total project cost. Our expertise helps you influence costs by identifying the value at the very early stage of the project.